Ministry Coaching

Forward Leadership Coaching is a 16-week relationship with a coach and other pastors in similar ministry settings as you. Through live virtual coaching sessions, training, and conversations, your church will become more healthy and positioned for growth.

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What is Ministry Coaching?

Real Conversations

There's real value in in the life of a leader to have people who you can share what you're thinking, dreaming, feeling, or facing. Each coaching session allows time to share our most pressing challenge in our churches and allow everyone offer input and guidance from their own experience.

Friendships in Ministry

Ministry can be lonely. Having friends who understand the highs, lows and challenges is invaluable. The relationships you will form during coaching will continue on long after the sessions are completed.

Practical Help

Philosophy is useful, but while in the week to week grind of pastoring you need practical help to maximize results. Our coaching is based on helping your church get healthy one step at a time, so you will leave each session with action steps you can start on immediately.

Shared Resources

By joining a coaching group, you will have access to all of the ministry resources we offer. Sermon series, structure documents, graphics, videos, and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Forward Leadership Coaching is set at an affordable price, allowing churches of any size to help their leader be better equipped. The cost includes all coaching sessions, materials, and the shared resource library available for download. Payment must be made before the first coaching session. If you are unable to afford coaching, scholarships may be available, just check "interested in scholarship" on the "sign up form."

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  • $300/person includes
  • 5 online coaching sessions
  • Group text app
  • Coaching outline/materials
  • Shared resources (sermon series, artwork, etc)

Who Are The Coaches?

Our coaches have over 100 years of ministry experienced combined. Their pastoring experience covers a wide range of churches from traditional, modern, small and large. We're confident we have a coach that would be a great fit for your ministry context. We have different groups starting at different times, so if you would rather have a different coach at any time we can find another group for you. Our coaches aren't experts; they are all still actively in ministry, and continuing to learn. They will share with you what they have learned, along with their best practices, so hopefully you can avoid the mistakes they made. We are confident our coaches can help your church get healthier and positioned to grow.

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Does it Work?

"My life and ministry has forever been impacted by the coaching provided through forward leadership. The encouragement, instruction and accountability I received has truly become invaluable. I highly recommend Forward Leadership to all Pastors who have a desire to go to the next level.
JC Worley / Lead Pastor / GO Church

"Forward Leadership coaching is a blessing to me and my church. The relationships we've built are invaluable to me as a leader and Pastor. The practical insight, resources and tools have equipped us to take our ministry to the next level."
Wesley Weatherford / Lead Pastor / Oasis Church

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