We are now a day removed from Chick-fil-A day. All day yesterday we saw pictures and updates of the long lines of support for Chick-fil-A’s stance for traditional marriage. I had mixed emotions while getting those updates because while I undeniably agree that marriage should be between one man and one woman, I couldn’t help but be turned off by the excitement of the day. As Christians, we have never had a problem rallying together when we feel our traditional values are under attack. Whether it’s showing up to vote, boycotting a movie or buying chicken, we have shown time and again that the Christian population is still very strong in number and passion.

I believe the core of the church’s actions yesterday was not an attempt to belittle or judge anyone who struggles with homosexuality. If you supported Chick-fil-A ,you shouldn’t let others make you feel bad for what you did, because exercising free speech and supporting something you believe in is a wonderful thing. But now that it’s all over and we have made our statement loud and clear, maybe it would be good for us to take a breath and ask ourselves why homosexuality gets us fired up like no other issue.

Would it surprise you to know Jesus didn’t bring up the topic of homosexuality one time in his whole ministry? It is brought up in several other parts of the Bible, but Jesus never addressed it. Not only that, but Jesus’ attitude towards those He encountered who struggled sexually was full of love and protection from those who wanted to judge and punish them.

God detests the sin of homosexuality. Living in that sin will separate you from God. But what’s crazy is while Jesus was on the earth, knowing he was going to take all of our sins with him to the cross, he never took a stand against anything except hypocrisy, or condemnation against the world.

I wish I had more clarity in my own heart about the correct way to handle the struggle with homosexuality in our culture, but I’m still trying to find the balance of love and truth that Jesus so perfectly struck.

There is one question I cannot shake every time I see the church passionately rise in defense of traditional marriage:

Do I treat my sin with as much disdain as I do others’ struggle with homosexuality?

I’ve written on this before, so I won’t rehash it all, but it amazes me how each generation picks a sin that they consider THE taboo sin, all while figuring out a way to remove the sins they struggle with from the list. Sins like slander, lying, gluttony, pride and selfishness are all overlooked or at least minimized to minor offenses against God. The one thing I can never shake after reading the Gospels is that the only people Jesus didn’t like while he lived on earth were the ones who wanted to police the sins of others.

God, help us to represent You with the perfect balance of truth and love. Help us to love those we would rather preach truth too, and help us to be truthful with those we love.

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