I’m sure Moses did not wake up and think… “Today my life is going to be completely different forever!” But that is exactly what happened…on a particular day that was not unlike every other day before, Moses noticed a particular bush that was burning but was not consumed.  From that bush came the voice of God who invited Moses to a discussion that would change his life forever. 

His assignment was going to be bigger than he could possibly imagine and as he stood there with God speaking directly to him, Moses knew there was no way he could do that and he offered God five excuses to explain his complete and utter terror at the thought of surrendering to God’s plan.  Each designed to defect God’s call and allow Moses to avoid having to accept the assignment.

There was another hidden secret that led Moses to protest God’s call and it was one that Moses never brought up to God but God knew…it was the mistake of his past that he had run from and in fact was the reason he was in the desert now!  Remember that Moses had killed a man and fled to the desert to avoid being brought to justice for his crime.  It was this secret that apparently kept Moses tied up in knots and caused his fear to overcome his self-confidence. 

  • What secrets haunt you and me that serve only to keep us hidden the past of our lives and rob us of the vital self-confidence needed to be leaders of integrity and courage?
  • What hurts or disappointments now dominate your thinking and prevent you from the call of God in your tomorrows?
  • How have you allowed these things to intimidate you and hinder you?

There is no denying the reality that every leader has issues or things that haunt and cause him/her to battle against negative and self-defeating thought processes.  The Enemy sees to it—bringing up EVERY THING and EVERY HURDLE he can to intimidate us—all in his attempt to keep us from fulfilling God’s holy purposes.

Don’t let him! 

Live with a rearview mirror in our life and allow God to help you put the past in its proper perspective.  The things that have been are not necessary to forget but to be placed in context to where you now are.  They are behind you—not in front of you—not even beside you. They are behind you and can only be viewed in the rearview mirror and they cannot hurt you anymore.

As Moses moved away from the bush, God said one more powerful thing.  Its in verse 19 of chapter 4 and it stands as a clarion call to all leaders.  I’ll post the exact verse (emphasis mine) and then I’ll post my commentary that seems appropriate.

Before Moses left Midian, the Lord said to him, “Return to Egypt, for all those who wanted to kill you have died.” (Exodus 4:19)

Plain and simple…God’s reminder is YESTERDAY IS OVER.  Move on with your life and put the things of your past in the rearview mirror and know they can never define you or hurt you again. 

Keep going…!


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