If your greatest ministry takes place from a stage on Sundays you’ve missed the point! Sure, you have a platform to proclaim the Gospel to a group of people, but shouldn’t your ministry extend beyond that?

I once walked into the dressing room of a Grammy award winning worship leader/singer who was exhorting his band with these words, 

Let’s not just be about the stage tonight. Many people are found worthy of the stage, but let us be found worthy of the altar. Before you are a performer or worship leader, you must be a worshiper.

Think about that for a moment. He was telling a group of people whose literal job it was to lead people in worship to first find themselves in private worship to The Father…then help others find their way to Him too.

Even beyond that though, I hope my ministry is best defined by what I do outside of Sunday morning. I want to impact my wife, my children, my neighbors, my co-workers, and strangers with the Gospel and It’s telling through the way I live. Pastor Judah Smith quotes his dad who said, “Don’t let your preaching get better than your living.”

So, Pastor:

- What does your life outside of Sunday say to the world around you about the message that you preach?

- How much time have you spent with The Father and His Word for your personal devotion, replenishment and growth? (and I say ouch as I write this)

Worship Leader:

- How much personal worship time have you spent outside of prep for Sunday this week?

- Who is the audience for your worship on Sunday?

Aren’t we called to more than 35 minutes behind a pulpit or 90 minutes in a room with others? How will you fill the other 166 ½ hours this week preaching and proclaiming the Good News?

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